Marriage Monday: Date Nights.

Sean and I had a date night this past weekend. We went to the jack o' lantern spectacular festival at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. It was so much fun and the jack o' lanterns were very impressive. It was also really great to be at the zoo at night... occasionally you could hear the animals but it was a little scary not being able to SEE them.

Basically, the festival included thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of pumpkins that people had carved. They fall into a theme by continent and they also have some carved of famous people. Very cool!

I highly recommend going. It's a fun night. We heard about it through friends and didn't really know what to expect but we've decided to make it a tradition! Next year, we've already agreed that we'll buy hot chocolates to keep our hands warm!


  1. Those are awesome pumpkins, and we are sooo in need of a date night too! Looks like a cool time, and especially at the zoo!

  2. oh my goodness so much fun.I live right by a zoo too and they do things like that but I got lazy..
    ps date nights are a must!

  3. that looks amaaazing! what an awesome idea and what amazing pumpkins!


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