My husband had surprises waiting for me when I got home yesterday!

[Water for Elephants dvd!]


[dinner reservations at One Eleven Chophouse!]

So sweet!

I sort of missed a week of blogging. I don't know what's happening! But it's November...

Which means!...

Breaking Dawn is that much closer to coming out... we already have our tickets. Do you?? Sean is soooo excited about it. :)

He's not really excited, but he says he's seen the first three so many times that now he has to see the last one. Which is true. I mean Eclipse is in the DVD player a lot. Actually, all the time. 


  1. what a sweet and thoughtful hubby! i'm actually watching that movie right now. i love it :) gotta love any robert pattinson movie!

  2. I wish I was more excited about Twilight. Before the first movie I was really excited, but then the movies disappointed me - Kirsten Stewart really annoys me! It probably doesn't help either that I'm a bigger fan of True Blood.

    I will be going to see Breaking Dawn though, and I have a good feeling that it'll be better than the other three!

  3. AHHH I can't wait for Breaking Dawn, I will definitely drag Groomzilla, I drug him to the last one and I don't think he ever let me forget it, I'm pretty sure I heard him snoring at one point!!


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