What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that the CMA's are on and that Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are hosting, yet again! I'm also loving the fact that T. Swift is sitting next to Tim McGraw! :)

I'm loving that not only is it Wednesday which means the weekend is almost here BUT Friday is a holiday so we're even closer than usual to a LONG weekend!

I'm loving that Friday will also be 11/11/11 and I've already set Siri to remind me to make a wish at 11:11 AM & PM :)

I'm loving that slowly but surely the Black Friday deals are being released. I'm going to start making plans soon!


I'm loving that I found great clothes in the clearance section at Target and got a sweater for $4!

What about you?!

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  1. Hey Love. In honor of my Birthday today I'm doing a major $150 gift card to my favorite jewelry designer's website. I hope you'll join. xo



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