Our first Christmas card

 Sean and I sent out Christmas cards this year for the first time! Do you remember when we "staged" my parents house a few weeks ago?

Well, we went shopping in the women's department at Kmart (Sean also shopped in the women's department) and we decided to buy matching sweater vests :) clearly in a "funny HA-HA" way?

So after a photo shoot dressed like this:


We decided to use this photo for the front:

And this photo for the back:

I used Shutterfly and they were inexpensive and came out great!

Did you send out Holiday/Christmas cards this year?


  1. ooooh! i love it! your hair is so pretty.

    yes, we did send out cards. :) the picture we used is going to post tomorrow on my blog if you would like to see. :) i hope you have a very merry christmas!!!


  2. soooo cute!!! Hahaha Love the sweaters!! Very creative...I have never sent out Christmas cards but plan to do so next year!

  3. Lol I showed this to my hubby/Renew vowel fiance" and he was like how did she get him to wear that sweater.I said reminds me of Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. Lol! Were both an aw that your hubby wore and posed for pics.Never in a million would my hubby do that. :)


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