Show me Christmas: week 3!

Today, I'm linking up with Becky: From Mrs. to Mama for Show me Christmas: week 3.

Last week I showed off "my" decorations!

And now, we're talking Christmas Traditions: past, present and future.

I've been talking to my mom the last few days about how things are changing now that I'm married. It seems like Sean and I haven't really started "traditions". We're still working things out and I think that once we have a house of our own it'll be easier and more concrete to start some of our own rituals. But for now -- we sort of shuffle around Christmas day to make sure we get to see everyone. 

But since I don't have pictures to show of us shuffling... I thought I'd show off a tradition (that doesn't involve Christmas Day) that was just started last year!

Our annual Cookie Swap! (Last year's is here)

Sunday was the second annual cookie swap and it's so much fun that I see it as something that I would like to continue for a long time. :)

We make sure to have everyone email their recipes ahead of time and put a little recipe book together! And we have a cookie tin decorating station because who doesn't like glittery stickers and shiny ribbon?

This year we had 14 different kinds of cookies which meant that everyone could take 5 of each kind of cookie.

This year we had a silver/white/snowflake theme and even the chairs were decorated with silver sequins!

After the cookies are swapped and packaged they look BEAUTIFUL! :)


I'm sure you, too, have traditions! Be sure to go link up with From Mrs. to Mama!


  1. we have a cookie swap at the school i teach at each year. so much fun to get all the goodies and recipes!

  2. Oh my goodness...cuteness overload! LOVE the cookie swap invite, chairs, cookies...the whole sha-bang! Very neat! Stopping by from the Christmas Traditions link-up! :) Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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