Show me Christmas: week 4!

I'm linking up with Becky: From Mrs. to Mama for the very last edition of Show me Christmas: week 4!

 Today = Christmas Recap!

This Christmas was our first married Christmas and it was wonderful!

We started off the weekend going out to dinner with Sean's dad:

Then Saturday we headed to the Patriots game...

After the game, we went to my parent's house to spend some time and open a few gifts!

Of course, we had to head home so Santa could come. And in the morning, I was woken up at 4:30 by the husband who was just so excited to open gifts!

After opening our gifts to one another, Sean immediately started playing with his new Xbox Kinnect and I went back to sleep!
Once it was a normal hour, we got ready and spent time with his family opening presents.

After brunch & another nap (we were exhausted!) we made our way to my parent's house and opened more & more gifts!.

I got so many neat things and lots of clothes and shoes (new Toms too -- so I got to check that off my list of 101 in 1001)!

When we finally got home Christmas night, we watched the DVD Sean got for me -- Friends with Benefits. I loved it... he didn't enjoy it as much as me. :)

On Monday, we made one more trip and visited more of my family!

And Monday night, we went out to dinner with Sean's family one last time before his brother and his wife went back home to Seattle.

 It sure was a busy couple of days! Luckily, I still have the week off to recover!

How was your Christmas?! Be sure to link up here!

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  1. I LOVE these pictures! And it looks like you all got great gifts :) I'm so happy you guys had a great Christmas! Also: GO PATRIOTS! I am in Boston right now for the game this weekend. SO EXCITED


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