What I'm loving Wednesday!

I love this video and I've been watching it nonstop!

I love that I just emailed all my assignments and that I'm officially ALL DONE with my first grad class!

I love that Christmas is so close and that Sean and I have our very first married couple STAYCATION to look forward to. Don't know what a staycation is? Well, it's a real thing -- wikipedia even acknowledges it and according to them it's a period in time which a family plans and spends at HOME. Together. :) You know to wrap presents, and look at Christmas lights, and watch movies and drink hot chocolate and stay up really late and to just do nothing at all?!

I love that a friend of mine is getting married this weekend which means I get to enjoy a wedding again! Oh - how I miss the wedding planning! :(

I love that Sean has a show tomorrow night and it's a big deal.

I love that Teen Mom 2 started again last night.

I love that the weather here has been true to what I always heard about Fall... and with the exception of the Halloween snowstorm we haven't even had cold weather until now! I guess it's supposed to snow tonight!

I love that Home Alone has been playing (and replaying) on ABCfamily. And I haven't yet changed the channel.

What are you loving?!

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  1. Love that video you posted! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on finishing your first grad class!! I have one more final tomorrow evening and I will be officially done with my first grad semester :]

    I hope you'll check out my blog, plus a link up called Wish! {out loud} that I hope you'll participate in!



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