January is almost over!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday! We celebrated by eating chinese food, having cake and talking about our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. :)

Sean and I are still finding a routine in our new place -- unpacking, decorating, making meals, working, hanging out, catching up on all our favorite shows. etc. Unfortunately, this means the blog has been taking a backseat.

Honestly, it's a little overwhelming. I have about 1,000 unread blog posts in my Google reader and after trying to read so many every night I no longer have the drive to write a post. Today, I didn't even look at the unread posts and just decided to write away.

So, here we are.

I can't really believe January is basically over. This month...

- we rang in the new year with friends
- we moved into our apartment
- were both pretty sick at some point
- Sean's band went into recording for their new CD
- we celebrated our 6 month anniversary
- I spent 5 days at a seminar
- we watched the Patriots win the AFC championship game
- we had our first snowstorm in our new place

Here's what we have planned for February:

- all-day scrapbooking event
- the superbowl
- Sean's band's premiere of their newest music video and lots and lots of shows
- movie date: the vow
- valentine's day
- a long weekend :)
- a trip to ikea to buy some furniture

Stay tuned :)


  1. Sounds like you have some great and fun plans on the horizon! My dad's 60th Birthday is today!! :)

  2. Really busy month of your guys!!! Congrats on all of the new things going on.

  3. Your new place is beautiful. Enjoy your busy and fun February!


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