Resolutions anyone?

The second day of the year is almost over and I think I've had enough time to think over my new year's resolutions.

Here goes:

1. Accessorize


I have great stuff! (And although these photos can be found by Google) I have accessories that are equally as fantastic! So I want to take the time each day to accessorize.

2. Organize

We're about to move into a new place this upcoming weekend. And rather than stash things in places that I won't look at ever again -- I want everything to have a place! Whatever it takes... if it doesn't have a place then let's throw it away! I want our house to look like the above (Google) pictures. In this new year I vow to organize.

3. Prioritize

It's important to me that I spend my time on the right things. Sometimes I get caught up with T.V. and napping (literally!) or I'm just lazy (!) and I think my husband may get the short end of the stick. I'd love to prioritize my time more evenly and start doing things for (and with) him and the rest of our families. We have wonderful families! In the new year, I want to embrace this and prioritize.

And lastly...

4. Moisturize

While I don't know that this really needs an explanation... let me tell you -- it's really true what they say about your skin at age 25! So, every day... every night before bed... heck, in the middle of the afternoon -- I'm going to be better consistent and moisturize.

So, what about you? Any resolutions?


  1. I am featuring a few bloggers within the next week or so regarding organizing and de-cluttering our lives. If you have anything worth contributing (which I am sure you will), I'd love to feature it on our blog. It's nothin' super big, but I am calling it "The De-Clutter The Crap Initiative". Let me know! Best of luck with moving. And great resolutions!!

  2. I love this post prima! It is very inspiring & I think you are smart in your resolutions, choosing ones that are actually feasible & not over the top impossible :) Miss you & we must catch up soon. love you!


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