TV talk: part 1.

It's no surprise I watch a lot of TV. Some may think I watch too much. Here's a rundown of  the shows I watch on a regular basis and the reasons I think you should tune in, too!

In an effort not to make this post so long... below are the shows I watch Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and tomorrow I'll post about Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  :)


Once Upon a Time

Okay, this show has both Sean and myself hooked. Actually, just about everybody I know is watching this show right now and there's so many reasons why. First of all, the stories are familiar (you know all those fairy tales you read when you were younger?) but now they have some twists and turns PLUS they are all combined into one gigantic tale. Second, the possibility that fairy tales could be real?! "Wait, what?" you ask. Well, the premise of the show revolves around a woman who ends up in this small town in Maine where apparently all the characters from EVERY fairy tale are trapped with no memory that they are from another world. Watch it.

Kourtney & Kim take New York

I know the Kardashian family is kind of one of those situations you either LOVE or can't stand. And while I love watching every spin-off show under the sun of this over-the-top family... Sean can't stand them at all. Something about their voices, their crazy boots and ridiculous make-up? I don't know. But I just love them. Most of all, I love Kourtney Kardashian, love how her relationship with Scott is becoming healthier and absolutely love that they eat chips in bed. It's funny, entertaining and amusing. Kim's marriage to Kris? Just plain sad. I'm sorry this season is done but can't wait for Khloe and Lamar to start up again!


2 Broke Girls

This show is hysterical. Sean can do with or without it (it's not a show he's dying to watch throughout the week) but the writing is quick, and the jokes are so very funny. Basically, the show follows two girls living in Brooklyn: one who has always been broke and one who was rich but lost everything when her father ends up in prison. They work together at a diner and in a twist of fate end up moving in together in the very first episode.They set a goal to start up their own cupcake business but money problems and other hilarious stuff continue to get in the way and at the end of each show they show a tally of the money they made throughout the episode. Hint.. it's never that much.

Two and a Half Men

What... you stopped watching when Charlie Sheen left? Well, you shouldn't have. I enjoy this show so much more without him and I love Ashton. Sean and I both look forward to this show and I think the writing is more and more funny as the weeks pass. Give it another try. If not for the comedic value... keep in mind, last week Ashton got a hair cut:

 Hart of Dixie

This show seriously makes me wish I grew up in the South: Alabama, specifically. Well, only if the show is true to their way of life which I hope it is. Zoe Hart is a young doctor living in NYC and finds out that her dad is not her dad at all and that a man from Bluebell, Alabama is not only her biological father, but that he's now passed away and left her his family practice. Because her options in NYC are slim, she moves down south and is very slowly getting used to the area, the people and the culture. It's funny, it's heartwarming, and it's a story that involves a love-triangle! Watch an episode or a couple to get the storyline. You'll love it.

Pretty Little Liars

I am obsessed with this show. It's addicting and even though it's probably written for girls under 16 -- it has me at the edge of my seat every single episode. Literally, jaw-dropped, remote-in-hand, screaming 'what?!'. Every week. It's about a group of girls (in high school) and one night one of them goes missing. The group goes their separate ways after this sad mystery but a year later when her body is found they find themselves reconnecting to mourn and cope. Unfortunately, after the funeral of the missing girl, the friends begin to be stalked via text messages, notes, emails, and every other form of communication by someone who apparently knows not only their darkest secrets but also anything and everything all four of the remaining girls do. They have no idea who this mystery person is [or persons are] and any time they are close to revealing who they think is behind the threats - it backfires! There are lots of twists and turns and in this show... you really can't trust anybody.



It's ridiculous, over-the-top and definitely not how I could ever imagine living... but I love it. It's semi-predictable, and not really related to the original TV show but the characters are likeable, the fashion is incredible and the relationship between Annie and Liam is one of those things that you pull for and as soon as you think it may happen the writers trick you, suck you back in, and make you wait longer.  


This show is basically a thriller in a nighttime soap opera-ish way. It's like watching a movie, every single week. It's mysterious, dark and intense. It follows Bridget, a recovering addict who was supposed to be a witness in an FBI investigation against the mob but instead she flees to visit her estranged sister, Siobhan. Once the two are together (did I mention they're twins?), they decide to go sailing in the Hamptons. Bridget falls asleep and when she wakes up... she is in the middle of the ocean and her sister is nowhere to be found. She finds her sister's pill bottles with her wedding jewelry inside, assumes she has committed suicide and after some serious thinking decides that her best bet for survival (remember, she's running away from the mob and the FBI) is to assume her sister's identity. Unfortunately, for Bridget she finds out Siobhan's life wasn't as it appeared either and it doesn't seem like she's safe anywhere she goes. Give it a try. You'll get hooked. Plus, Sarah Michelle Gellar? Perfect.  

New Girl

This is definitely a show that Sean looks forward to. It's cute, funny and fresh. Not only is Zooey Deschanel one of my favorite actresses but she's absolutely hilarious in this comedy. What's it about? Well, Jess finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her and realizes she should probably find a new place to live. She starts looking... where else? But craigslist and responds to an ad to people looking for a roommate. In the first episode, she moves into a loft with three boys (they think she's going to be a boy, her name is Jess?), and the rest is history. Every episode is more funny than the one before it and her character is so embarrassing you'll cringe, laugh, and thank god it wasn't you.

Raising Hope

What happens when a young guy hooks up with a serial killer? Well, she gets pregnant, goes to jails, ends up on death row and leaves the baby behind. All in an absolutely hysterical... "I can't believe they just said that" way, of course. Jimmy is the young guy and Hope is the daughter he's learning to raise. He has funny parents and Cloris Leachman is his crazy grandmother. It's so funny -- Sean and I both look forward to this one each week.

Teen Mom 2

Okay, I'm sorry. Maybe, this is offensive. But this is the funniest show on TV. Oh, wait? It's not a comedy and it's actually reality TV (sad, pathetic, reality TV)... well you could have fooled us. Honestly, I could skip over most of the scenes. It's unfortunate that the babies are so exposed and will have to relive their childhood and [mostly] dysfunctional family life through MTV for years to come. So why do I watch, you ask? One word: Jenelle. Actually, here's another word: Barbara. You see, Barbara is Jenelle's mother... and she has custody of Jenelle's son. The relationship between the two of them is sad... I feel bad (really!), it's abusive, ridiculous, bi-polar, dramatic, emotional, heart-wrenching, not so motherly, and dysfunctional. But oh my god, does it make for good TV. Watch a clip... and pretend it's fake or you'll probably want to write to MTV about how they should probably play less of this crap and more music videos.

So, do you watch any of these shows??

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the shows I watch from Wednesday - Friday!


  1. Love this list! While I actually haven't seen that many of them, I definitely want to check some of the out now! Especially Hart of Dixie. I love Rachel Bilson :)

  2. Your DVR must be jam packed! My husband and I watch Teen Mom 2 together. Don't ask me how that happened. But I agree. Janell is a hot mess. And her and her mother together....whoa! It is pretty sad to watch but alas I am hooked.

  3. i love the Kardashians ... i watch it because i can't help myself, haha. i use to hate Scott so much and now i actually like him. it is amazing how things change. he actually seems normal now. how is that possible?

    i have watched New Girl and Ringer {one episode} and never watched again.

    i think i get so many shows to watch that i end up forgetting what is on.

  4. Once Upon A Time is amazing!!!

  5. I barely watch tv but when I did I would watch 90210...love me some teen drama...but I never saw an episode this season :-(


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