The Emergency Room... what?!

So this past week, I spent 5 hours of my time (and my mom's) in the ER. Why you ask? Well, apparently when you have asthma [like I do] it's important you take the appropriate medications especially when you are sick with strep throat [like I am].

So I, literally, couldn't breathe. You know, sometimes, when you use the expression 'like I couldn't even breathe!'. Well, legit, I couldn't breathe. I couldn't catch my breath. Which is not a good feeling. It's like you're drowning. 

But anyway! I came home to a very worried husband and some get breathe well treats!

If you haven't yet seen, In Time (one of my breathe well treats), with Justin Timberlake... you should! It was really good.

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  1. Aw your husband is super cute. Glad you're okay now! Enjoy your weekend :)


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