Our week.

Here's our week in pictures:

Here's our week in words:
I made lots & lots of valentine's day cupcakes.
We celebrated valentine's day with candy and italian food.
We ate at a local irish bar and were serenaded by an old man singing "Oh, danny boy".
We decided last minute to go to a concert.
We ate a lot of Mexican food.
We bought lots of things for our place: carpet, DVD shelves, rugs, towels, etc...

Tomorrow is a holiday. :)


  1. Yum funfetti cupcakes. As much as I try to bake from scratch I always prefer fun fetti taste...hahaha

  2. Those cupcakes look good, Funfetti are the only kind Groomzilla will eat! Your place is sure coming along very very nicely!!!

  3. Yummy! My belly is growling now :)


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