Scrapbooking... Ireland

On Saturday, I'm off for a full day of scrapbooking - literally, from 9AM-midnight. I've decided to use this day to prepare for my upcoming scrapbook weekend (in April) since whenever I try to get ready while at home I end up doing other things. 

I already know that I'll use this time in April to make my honeymoon album so I've been looking through my pictures from our honeymoon to find some pictures to order. Well, I couldn't decide on some and just decided to order all of them -- all 1,100. Yes, we took lots of pictures.

I ordered them through clarkcolor.com for .04 cents each. I got all my pictures for about $45.

Now, comes the really hard part of organizing and choosing which ones go in the album.

We enjoyed Ireland so much and cannot wait to go back... someday!


  1. You are so lucky, my photographer took 600 pictures, yes only 600... I was so mad when I got my proofs, but she was a friend and I couldnt complain since she gave me a big discount. Have fun scrapbooking!

  2. Nice! What a deal you got on 1,100 photos!! I can't wait to do a scrap book after the wedding and honeymoon!

  3. Wow talk about a lot of pictures and scrapbooking...I have like tons of scrapbooking stuff...but I never have time to do it...a weekend scrapbooking getaway sounds like a good way to get motivated!


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