TV talk: part 2

So, yesterday I started to recap the shows I watch on a weekly basis. Today, I'll finish up by talking about what I watch Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Here goes:

Happy Endings

If you don't already watch this, start. Immediately. It's so funny. Sean and I watch it every week and are bummed if it's a repeat. It's close to a new version of Friends (there are 6 friends, 3 guys/3 girls and they usually convene at their local bar... much like that of the coffee house, Central Perk) but these friends live in Chicago. It all starts when two of them decide to get married and the girl leaves the guy at the altar. How are they still friends? Well, they have a group to go back to and the group refuses to choose sides. It's funny, hilarious, embarrassing and there's definitely a character you can relate to.


 Sean can do with or without this show... but me? I love it. It's one of my favorites and I definitely look forward to watching it every week. Whitney is a girl who's dating a guy who hangs out with her friends who works sometimes who has an amazing apartment and who is ALWAYS doing something ridiculous yet amazing. Case in point...

Are you there, Chelsea?

 Lucky for you, this show is just starting out. There's been, maybe, 3 episodes so far. It's pretty funny. It's still in the stage of setting up characters since it's so new but it's great. It's based on Chelsea Handler's book, "Are you there, Chelsea? It's me, Vodka" and Laura Prepon plays Chelsea's character. Something exciting? Chelsea Handler plays her sister and she has such a funny roommate it's worth a watch... or many...

Criminal Minds

If there's anything that makes you NOT trust the person walking behind you on the street or makes you nervous about walking into your own home (at any time of the day or night) it's this show. Seriously. I don't watch new episodes of this show without Sean by my side. It's so scary! But when it's on I can't take my eyes off the TV. We love it. Oh, you've never seen it? Apparently, you don't watch CBS, ION, A&E or any of the other millions of channels that plays their repeats. The show follows a team of FBI profilers who work together, look at the crime, analyze the type of criminal that would do such a thing, study behaviors of the criminal as well as the victims and solve the mystery. It's amazing. Watch it.


Secret Circle

This is one of the shows, Sean leaves the room for. :) I enjoy it. It's not a show that I die to watch each week but I'm happy to see that a new episode is in my DVR. Basically, it's about a girl, who finds out she comes from a family of witches. Her mom, her dad, her grandparents - everybody. She's in a new place, new town, with new friends who are also witches and now she has to learn to live with her powers,  jealousy (her powers are pretty strong), the threat of witch hunters, a love-triangle between herself, a boy and his ex-girlfriend who happens to be her best friend, all while going to high school. You have to have a certain type of attitude for this show. I love Britt Robertson, (the main girl) so I'm committed to seeing it through. If you don't like witches or high school dramas... skip it.

Up All Night

This show should be watched by everybody. Why?... Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. Need I say more? It's hysterical. What happens? Well, they have a baby, and Chris becomes a stay-at-home dad when Reagan goes back to work on her best friend, Ava's, talk show. So, so funny.

The Big Bang Theory

Let's put it this way: Sean and I HATE when this show is not new each week. We look forward to it. We laugh so much at all the characters and the plot of each show is new and funny. If you've been missing it for the past few years: Penny, an aspiring actress and waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, moves across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard, two physicists who work at CalTech. She often finds herself in the midst of her hall mates and their socially awkward friends and is learning to love their quirky behaviors and their obsessions with nerdy things. Oh, and there's some great relationship plot lines, too... :)


 This show's a bit scary, too! It's about a police officer who has the ability to see supernatural creatures and seems to always run into them while he's just trying to do his day job. It's a show that you get hooked on... quickly. Try it out! I don't think you'll be disappointed.

 Well, there you have it. Two days, a laundry list of shows I watch... not including the ones I watch just to fill time while I do other things: Hoarders, Invention, Storage Wars, Chelsea Lately, How I met your Mother, Rules of Engagement, King of Queens, Friends, Man Woman Wild, Pawn Stars, Mike & Molly, House Hunters, etc., etc., etc.

What about you??

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