I'm officially on vacation for 2 weeks. And it feels amazing!

Sean still has two more shows before now and our Monday morning flight and he'll literally get off stage and have to drive to pick me up for the airport. But I think we're equally as excited. And he promises not to complain of being tired :)

Last night we went to dinner and then to Target -- even though I boycotted Target less than a week ago for refusing to give me a price adjustment for things I bought Saturday night that appeared on sale Sunday morning. Yes, I go to Target every day. But we went there to pick up some last minute things...

You know like shorts, and sneakers for the husband and water shoes and goggles for me? Because apparently Sean is convinced this will be the trip that his wife learns (and enjoys learning) how to swim. I'm slightly nervous about this.

But I got new sunglasses and Sean told me I looked very 70's wearing them so I knew they belonged in my basket and I bought The Hunger Games EVEN though I feel like I'm cheating on The Twilight Saga. Seriously.

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