Happy April!

We had a really great free weekend filled with a movie night, scrapbooking, and dinner with friends.

We've never used Redbox before but I'd say it was pretty successful. Unfortunately, I didn't pick the best movies. Honestly, I thought Bad Teacher was funny, Young Adult was awkward and I just felt sad for her, and What's Your Number could have been 45 minutes shorter.

On Sunday, I decided to clean my closet because it was looking like this...

But after an hour it looked like this!

Sean informed me that he's been noticing my clothes/shoes/bags have been migrating across the room into his closet. So I guess next weekend I should probably work on his closet, too. 

Going through all my clothes had me thinking about the 30 x 30 fashion challenge found here.

I read about it a while ago and thought it sounded interesting but now I'm actually intrigued and considering it. Supposedly, we only wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. I have to say I agree with that. I know I definitely wear the same things over and over and I'm not that good about putting together different outfits with the same items. But I think it's a challenge I'd be willing to try. 

I guess you really have to be smart about the 30 items you choose to wear!


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