Home Tour: Guest Room

Sean and I moved into our loft in January. When we checked out the building we fell in love instantly and there was never a question in either of our minds that we needed to live here. The building itself is from the 1800s or something so it's really old. But they've renovated the inside and we're the first people to live here -- in fact, we were one of the first people to move into the entire building... which is huge and when it was empty it was a little creepy. Now, we wish we were still the only people here because we enjoyed the perks of choosing a parking spot close to the door, and the quietness in the hallways.

It's been 3 months since moving in -- and we've made some progress in making it a home. We don't have that much furniture and some areas look really bare. But it's a start.

I thought I would show one room a day. So here is our second bedroom.

This is the one piece of new furniture we bought for this room. It's perfect for scrapbooking and all my stuff. 
Two confessions: I still haven't put a real picture in that Vera Wang frame and I still haven't bought a chair so I have yet to use the desk...

This is what I mean by bare. We're planning on getting a couch and maybe a cute end table. Oh, and we plan on hanging those mirrors in the left corner as well as those guitars in the right corner...

Hopefully within the next few months we can complete this room and make it a usable craft/guestroom/office complete with a couch, better lighting (for night time), some pictures on the walls and less piles of stuff around the perimeter of the room.

And yes, that's my veil hanging on that light...


  1. I looove lofts and the brick wall=amazing! I understand about furniture shopping...our apartment is small so I had a lot of furniture...but once we buy a house I bet it will be awhile to fill it up!

  2. Where did you purchase the craft organizer piece? I desperately need something to organize all of my crafts in my craft room!


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