Home Tour: Living room

Here's a continuation of our home tour.

Today: the Living Room

You can't really tell, but our place is round. As in there are no corners. Strange? Definitely. But that's why we loved it. The entire brick wall curves which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but really complicated when trying to figure out where the couches belong.

The fireplace is beautiful. It's on a switch so when you're cold you just have to flip it on and heat blasts out. Above the fireplace would have been a perfect place to hang our flatscreen tv. Except that there wasn't a stud in the wall. Imagine how devastating it would be to get home only to find your tv has fall off the wall?! Well, that was something we weren't willing to risk.

So, instead we hung a picture from our honeymoon on the wall and put our tv to the right of the fireplace. It forces the tv to become the center of the room which is fine with us. 

We have a loveseat and a sofa. I won't lie... they are usually covered with blankets for added comfort. I threw them in the other room so I could take pictures...

We definitely love our DVDs. We have more still in boxes that don't seem to fit.

Our coffee table opens. It was something I really wanted because I thought "wow, what great storage possibilities!" Well... we don't use it because we didn't realize that it's a cedar chest. In theory I like the smell but not on my stuff.

We have coasters that we're still very much using. Sometimes we get coasters and after a week we forget and we get those water marks... But these coasters are special because my mom made them and they all have different pictures from our wedding!

Well, that's our living room!

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