Special Stop.

On the way back from Baltimore we stopped at...

But not to go on any rides. 

Although, I was intrigued and extremely scared by this:

Instead we opted to see their drive-thru safari. 

It was the most amazing thing. Ever.

Highly recommended.

The animals roam free. 

They go up to your car and look at you, peck at you and lick your windshield.

It was very enjoyable. And only $24 a person.

Apparently it's the largest safari outside of Africa. 

Pretty neat!


  1. I did this a few years back, loved it! So crazy that the animals will come up to your car!
    Glad you enjoyed it :]


  2. WOW I am so surprised a six flags has this!! I just added it to my list of things to do...even though I would probably freak out of the animals running around


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