Vacation plans.

I'm anxiously awaiting our next [unplanned] vacation.

We haven't fully decided... but here's what we're thinking:




Our hope is to either drive to Tennessee with a final destination of both Memphis and Nashville; or fly to Southern California and drive north to San Francisco.

We'd like to go in July. Both places will probably be hot. And the flights to California are expensive. But the tornado probability in TN seems pretty intense. So right now we're weighing our options and our finances.

But being back at work knowing that I only have nine more weeks makes me want to start planning away!

I'm very excited for summer. Last summer was busy! I'm looking forward to all the free time this year.


  1. Yay for vacations! We want to do a trip to California but it probably won't be this year. I need a vacation badly! Makes me sad that my next one isn't for another 6 months! Boo!

  2. Yay we can't wait to travel this next year now that the wedding is over, sounds like you guys are doing the same!


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