Entertainment Update.

I've been anxiously watching the progress of this project:


First of all, I love Matthew Lillard. I've been slightly obsessed with him ever since:


It's probably one of the reasons I've longed to live in a loft apartment since I was 12. Plus, I can honestly say it was one of those movies I could watch and re-watch and it never got old. PLUS, I learned a lot from this movie: about social interactions, music, society, adolescence, emotions, loyalty, friendship, and love. It's a favorite of mine. 

Also, Matthew Lillard has done so many other great movies!

She's All That
Without a Paddle
Summer Catch
Scooby Doo

So, if you're also a fan of his... then get behind his newest work: Fat Kid Rules The World.


He's raising funds to release this movie (based on a book by the same name) on Kickstarter. Which, by the way, is an amazing site that allows you to follow and fund random projects by talented people all over the place who otherwise would probably not be able to have their projects seen (or funded) by anyone.

Check it out.

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