My work.

I don't generally talk about my work on this blog but since it's such a big part of my world... I figured - why not?

I teach at a Montessori school in a classroom with three, four and five year old kids. Well, at this point in the year they are mostly four, five and six years old. It's a pretty amazing experience to watch these small people move around the room... in control of their day (for the most part), working diligently (for the most part), sharing experiences, making friends, figuring out social cues and normal interaction in a safe environment, and being completely a part of a community of peaceful people. 

I don't normally have days when I wake up where I think "I don't want to go to work". I may think "it's really early"... or "I hope traffic isn't bad". But never... that I don't want to go to work. In actuality, I love my job. I love where I work. I love the people I work with. And I love the kids in my class.

Today, they had a discussion about how the earth was made and how the universe came to be. I'm telling you... these kids are four, five, and six. 25 kids in total. There were two sides of the discussion: the first thought/have been told that God made everything (the universe, the world, houses, etc.), and the second thought/have been told that "there was this big bang and everything came out of nothing". 

And here I am. Twenty-five years old. And I cannot tell you what I believe because I don't know. I know what there's evidence of and what makes "sense". But I don't actually understand it. And I know there's comfort in one theory and mystery in the other. But it's confusing. And it's intense. And it's so much to take in.

And these kids. Four, five and six years old are talking with each other, and along with teacher mediation are having discussions, and listening to both sides of the argument and are still debating so fiercely for what they believe.

And it made me feel proud. And I hope that in 20 years they still hold that same passion for what they believe.. whatever it is. And I hope they still listen to both sides of the argument. And listen as patiently and as honestly as they did today. And I hope that they still know in their heart and in their head that not everyone believes the same thing. And that's okay.

It's okay.

Imagine if everyone in the world would just figure that out.


  1. Love it! Must have been so exciting to watch!

  2. Love it! Must have been so exciting to watch!

  3. I think this is beautiful. Kids can be so philosophical, and open. It's amazing, and kind of sad, how much the outside world influences them, but hopefully thanks to your great teaching, they'll remember to be open and non-judgemental when they are older too.


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