Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp

It's no surprise that I'm not a total fan of the lady who leads this family:


I mean, I could go on and on about politics and how I feel she is unintelligent and incapable of delivering a speech that doesn't berate others or spread hatred.

But I won't go on... and on.

AND, of course, I'm able to put aside my extremely liberal beliefs for an hour of Lifetime TV to watch this:


And Tuesday night, that's exactly what I did.
Or tried to do. 
I swear.

I made Sean watch with me.

The show immediately follows Dance Moms, which could possibly feature the world's most ridiculous mothers... so once Bristol and Tripp appeared on the screen it was a breath of fresh air... or at least they weren't yelling.

I'm not going to give a full recap. There's plenty of stories going around online right now.

I will say:

Bristol cries a lot.
Too much for an hour TV show.
In fact, I could just as easily switch the channel and turn on Teen Mom.
If I wanted the tears.
There would be no difference.

Bristol comes off as self-centered and entitled.
Especially while shopping and talking about CA.
And basically putting down every single thing about LA.

Bristol is mean to her sister.
And uses a guilt trip to convince her to move away from family and friends.
Willow is 17... why isn't she in school?
And she's babysitting Bristol's kid, all the time?
Except when the two of them are out together... without Tripp??
What's that about?!
Who's with the baby if "they don't know anyone in LA"?

I was confused.

So confused, in fact, that I'll tune in next week.
And probably the week after that, too.
Unless it gets canceled, because apparently no one else in the world watched.

Well, not many anyway.


  1. I couldn't even bring myself to watch it. Doesn't sound like I missed too much. Although I did love how she said in the commercial how she wasn't all Hollywood like some people yet...she has a reality show! :S

  2. No thank you! I can't stand her! I disliked her so much on DWTS that I already know I'll be yelling at the screen.

    And her mom. I'm not going to even start on that. But yes if I were her daughter I'll probably be crying all the time too!

    Rant over :)


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