Oh, Apollo.

Hey ladies and gents,

It's me, Apollo.

Hang on, let me peel my eyes open...

Okay, great. 

I took some time off from napping to guest post today. 

My mama and my papi are so nice to me, but they haven't formally introduced all of my amazing attributes on this here blog. I don't know why because they are always taking pictures of me and I'm a little surprised that this blog hasn't turned into a cat blog. The lady of the house has definitely turned into a cat lady. What can I say? I'm cute.

There are tons of reasons why I win over the hearts of anyone who meets me. Here's a few:

Constant Company:

I'm constant positive company. I love to follow my parents around wherever they go. It's the best. And I like to be first, so sometimes I have to cut them off and run in between their legs so I arrive at our destination before them. Sometimes they trip and they almost step on me and I have to give them "the look". It's the only time they call me "Apollo". Generally, they call me "Bubbie" or "The Bubbster". I know they're talking to me but I pretend not to hear. 

Napping Partner:

I'm a wonderful napping partner. I'm always ready to curl up on the couch with a fleece blanket and a warm body. I like the TV volume to be below 10 or else the commercials wake me up. Also, it's great when the people of the house stay still while I'm sleeping on top of them or else I have to re-position and get re-comfortable.

Laundry Initiator:

Sometimes the lady of the house slacks on the laundry. To remind her that laundry falls within her household duties I like to pull down the dish towels in an effort to spark the need to start the washing machine. She loves when I do this and she loves to chase me around the kitchen. She's so silly when she tries to catch me and she can't. I'm very quick. And strong. I like to play tug-of-war with the dish towels. She doesn't always have a smile on her face during this game but I know she loves it. Actually, now that I think about about it, I'm really good at all household chores... and I specifically love doing the dishes and climbing into the dishwasher!

Road Tripper:

I'm so great in the car. I love road trips and I love looking out the windows. My parents refuse to crack the windows even just a little because they tell me I'll try to escape. It may be true but it's just because I'm so curious. My mom keeps asking me if I "know what happened to the cat who was curious?" I don't.

Game Changer:

I'm the most amazing game player. I don't know why my parents insist on playing two person games like cards, or board games. That's an action shot of me trying to get in on their game of chess. For some reason they cleaned up after I played my move...


I'm the best jumper and I love to climb up high. For instance, the other night my mama looked over and I had jumped on the counter, onto the fridge, up on top of the cabinets. I got into some serious trouble and now they've "attempted" to block it off and we've apparently purchased a spray bottle [which I'm a little scared of!]. No worries though, I'm always scheming and I'm already working on a way to get around that bin. 

Alarm Clock:

I'm such a great alarm clock. I know exactly when it's time for breakfast and I do not like to miss the most important meal of the day. In fact, I know exactly when it's time to eat... every meal. And I like to meow and swat my parents as the time nears. Just in case. Actually, right before all my meals is when I like to climb on the counters, the tables, and on top of the cable box. It gets their full attention and we like to run around a few extra minutes right before I eat. That must be why I'm burning so many calories and only weigh 2.11 lbs. Oh yeah, I'm teeny!

That's my post for the day. I don't have that long of an attention span and after peeling my eyes open to guest post I'm going to need a really long nap to make up for my time... working!

See you soon!

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  1. he is the cutest!!! in love!

    i will never understand how someone couldn't be a cat person. they are the smartest animals! well, at least to me they are.

    def. smarter than my dog, haha.


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