I've decided to make an album of pictures from our first year being married.From July 2011-July 2012. Obviously, I could make this myself but in an effort to spend a little less I've decided to order one. I don't understand why it takes more money to do things yourself...

But anyway.

I've used Shutterfly, Blurb, and Snapfish, in the past. And I've loved all the books I've gotten. I also develop pictures from Clark, and the obvious... walmart, walgreens, cvs, etc.

But I wanted something new.

So I started browsing.

The first thing I was told about that seems AMAZING is:

They'll take all your instagram pictures and put them in a cute little book. 100 pictures for $12! I think that's worth it because if you've ever tried to get those babies developed they look awful and are all disproportional. It's sad. 

BUT THOSE TEENY TINY BOOKS! I can't wait to get one. But I don't think it's right for this kind of project since you can't put the photos in a specific order. But when I'm ready to make a book of Apollo... I know just where I'll go.

The next thing I found was Mixbook. And I was hooked. I worked with it for hours last night (thanks, summer vacation!) and I only got to the month of January. It's so easy, and personalized. You can really do anything. Here's the screen shot of our month of July:

 I love it so much. 
It takes a while to do, clearly.

I can't wait!

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