A brighter day will come.

I have to admit the past couple days I've just been overwhelming consumed with the news about the Colorado movie theater shooting. For me, it's one of those events that my mind simply cannot filter out like it does for the majority of violent attacks that happen in the world, every day.

I feel so badly for the people in the theater that night, the families and friends of the people in the theater that night, the emergency responders who had no idea what they were running into that night, the doctors, nurses, paramedics and social workers who had to make those calls that no one ever expects to receive that night, and the community who since that night has had to deal with loss, and cameras, and reporters and change.

I think it's so hard to grasp because going to a midnight showing of a Batman movie would be something Sean and I would do. And we wouldn't think twice about it. Because we shouldn't have to.

I think it's so hard to grasp because the people that were injured or who were killed were [for the most part] right around our age. 

I think it's so hard to grasp because there's nothing in my mind that can rationalize hurting people like that. It's senseless. It's cowardly. It's not fair.

It's not fair to make people second guess their completely rational plans of going to the movies. 
Or for that matter the mall... or school... or work.
Or all the other normal places these tragedies occur. 

We shouldn't have to be afraid. 

But it's so hard not to be.

Unfortunately, we only have two choices. 
Be afraid and stop living our lives.
Or live our lives... to the fullest with love, respect and compassion. 

Love for those who love us back.
Respect for those who deserve it.
And compassion for those for need it.


  1. i agree. it's so sad that you can't even go to a movie without worrying. :(

  2. It really is such a heartbreaking tragedy. It is saddening that this has put so much fear in our lives. I would never go to the movies without thinking of the terror these innocent people felt. I am upset that, that monster now holds this over me. But like you said, I can only live life the best way I can.


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