A tornado?

We were in a tornado watch last night. What, Massachusetts?


So, I took responsibility and made our survival kit, in the bathroom, since I hear you're supposed to stay away from windows... and every other room in our loft has 7-8 foot windows.

Sean "assessed" our kit a little bit later, to which he said "I'd give you a 7 out of 10, for survival gear".

A 7?! Why's that, sir?

Apparently, I did well preparing Apollo -- carrier, blankets, toys, food = check!

Us, on the other hand... apparently you need to pack clean water... and the faucet can't count! So all three of us would be dehydrated!
Apparently, you're not supposed to pack salty snacks... like salted peanuts, ritz bitz and goldfish. Or that water we didn't pack becomes a bigger problem.

Oh, and all that technology I packed with us, you know the cell phones, the tablet, etc. Well, while I brought the chargers... none of the them were actually charged which apparently means they wouldn't work if the power went out!

What a learning experience.

I did pack a flashlight, though! And it actually works.

Luckily, nothing happened.
But let's face it: better safe than sorry.

Now, I have to put everything back where it belongs.

Maybe I'll do that later...

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  1. i love that you packed your wedding album too. i would have done the same thing!


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