Baby Easton's Shower

On June 30th, we celebrated baby Easton (and Chelsey!) and we definitely showered him with love. No one can wait for his arrival and we had a blast spending this day chatting, and anticipating, and wondering about the little guy!

His due date is August 19th. Although, my bet is placed on August 14th.
It just spoke to me. I've alerted Siri and an alarm will go off on my phone on the 14th.

We'll see if I'm right :)


  1. i love how amazing parties are in your family. like your bridal shower, and now baby easton's baby shower?! really cute and i love all the little details. very cute!

  2. What a great shower! Love all the details!

  3. Oh I love all the teal details!!! Such a beautiful day for a shower too!


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