Instagram canvas.

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It's tabbed up at the top, do you see it? Between our "daily adventures" and "our wedding"?

SO, I did a DIY project that I saw on this blog.

Necessary materials:
9, 4x4 instagram pics
12x12 canvas
matte mod podge
15 minutes of your time
preferably a space without pet access (you'll see why...)

The steps:
I got instagram photos printed. I got my pics printed from postalpix.
Mathematically, they were supposed to fit "perfectly" on that 12x12 canvas. They didn't.
You have to force them to fit. No big deal.

Arrange the photos how you'd like them.
Definitely cover up your table so mod podge doesn't get all over the place.
Start gluing.
To my surprise you really can't use too much (for real).

Make sure the lines are straight, horizontally & vertically.
Try not to let your pet touch the mod podge.
(she's not supposed to be on the table, but legit, she has a mind of her own)

Admire all your photos.

Slather it with mod podge.
I'd recommend NOT making vertical strokes, by the way.
My hand got carried away.

Put it somewhere SAFE to dry.
Mine is on top of the fridge.

I'll let you know where we decide to display it.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. How cute! And it most likely doesn't cost a lot either. Thanks so much!

    Amanda at we & serendipity

  2. I love this thanks for including where to get the pictures! :-) I heard of modge podge before....i must get some!


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