It's been a really long time.

How ya been? Enjoying the hot weather? I mostly stay inside in the AC unless I have to go to the grocery store or run some other errand. Occasionally, I just tell myself it'll be fine if I just stay home... with the shades closed. We're not starving yet.

I kind of forgot I had a blog. Legit. And ya know... it was kind of nice. But I think I'm back in it. It's been so long that I actually have things I could blog about. Exciting, I know. I can feel your anticipation.


I'll start at the beginning of what you missed in my life. I wouldn't want you to miss a play-by-play.

I went to California.

And enjoyed the weather.

And hung out with this Great Dane.

And helped to make this fabric ball.

And of course, attended a wonderful baby shower...

Which I will post about tomorrow!

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  1. glad you're back! i just started reblogging last week and i'm with ya- it kinda felt good to take a break from blogging. sometimes you've just gotta simply enjoy the married life :)


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