Wicked Sweet.

This month Sean and I saw Ted. 
(Well, I saw Magic Mike on my own time while in CA...)

Maybe, I thought it was so funny because it's set in an area I'm really familiar with. So all the "Boston", "Massachusetts" and "New England" jokes... I understood. Who doesn't like to laugh at themselves?

At the same time, I will say I don't live IN Boston. I never have and most likely never will. But that doesn't stop me from LOVING movies set around here: Good Will Hunting, anyone??

If you search online, you can easily find those "you know you're from Boston when" forums. Most things are true. I know what a regular coffee is, I probably tail-gate awfully too close to the person in front of me, I order jimmies with my ice cream, I didn't go to school when the Pats won the Superbowl, and I go down the Cape, often. Oh, and there's that word I say. A lot. Do you know it?


Oh yes, wicked. It's a part of my daily speech.
In case you don't know how it's used: "that's wicked cool", "I was wicked upset", "she's wicked smart smaht". I guess it's a synonym for "really" or some other word that just magnifies whatever follows.

Last weekend, Sean and his bandmates in Widow Sunday had a yard sale.

It wasn't your typical yard sale. Intrigued? They sold lots of musical things that I have no idea about it.
There was a bunny costume, discussion about partnering up with children selling lemonade across the street in hopes to "bring in more business", multiple attempts at a Pogo stick and a unicycle, and lots of traffic slowing down because of the signs:

translation: "wicked sweet yard sale, kid..."

Lots of people stopped to look.
Lots of people stopped to buy. 
Lots of people stopped... just to take a picture of the sign.

People thought it was clever, unique, and hysterical.
There's definitely something to be said for laughing at yourself.

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  1. Hahah, this is too funny! I went to Boston for the first time this summer to visit an old friend. I definitely noticed his usage of the word wicked.



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