Niagara Falls.

A few weeks ago, Sean and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. 

We celebrated that day, of course, but also the following weekend when we drove to Niagara Falls in Ontario. It was quite the ride (about 8 hours) and when we got to the border we were harassed, literally, made to get out of our car and they tore it apart. There are still pieces that we haven't put back together because we're not sure where they even came from!

Once that was done, we checked into our hotel: The Tower which I would very much recommend. We were on the 29th floor. 

Here are some pictures from our first day:

We ate at Margaritaville.
Saw a crazy man successfully walk on a tight rope from the Skylon Tower to a hotel.
Walked a lot.
Saw the Falls (pretty hard to miss!) and acquainted ourselves with the area.
And saw the Friday night fireworks show over the Falls.
Very impressive.

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