Oh, Apollo. Part two.

Hey, it's me... Apollo!

You see, I'm not necessarily supposed to be in this cabinet. But my parent aren't the brightest and didn't realize I was sneaking in here (for quite some time) and helping myself to my food. I tore open the bag and it was like heaven on earth in there next to the mixer. Until I got caught and they put child-proof locks on those doors. Now they keep my food above the stove. They think they're tricky but I'm just trying to figure it out...

I've been super busy since we last chatted. I wake up around 5AM. I'm still an excellent alarm clock... if I do say so myself. Usually my mom feeds me but sometimes she shakes my dad and asks multiple times "can you feed her?". I love when my dad feeds me because he always gives me A LOT. After I eat I play on top of my sleeping parents for two hours or so until they wake up. Eventually, daddy leaves for work and my mama and I start our routine. I don't know where this woman used to go so early in the morning but she must love me so much because now she stays with me. My favorite days are Tuesdays when she comes back from some place with an awful lot of bags and food. It's the best, I play inside of them and bring them all over the house. Around 11, I get to eat a little bit more and then I take my nap... until about 5PM. That's when I eat again AND my dad gets home. It's the best. They make themselves dinner and I'm always ready and willing to help. Usually during dinner time I'm banished to the bedroom (apparently I'm still not allowed on the table... and can't "control" myself as my mom says). But after... I help with the dishes, and then take a nap until 10. That's when it's my time to shine. Right when my parents lay down in bed... ahh it's the best to run around. I have the whole place to myself. It's free reign!

My mama and I have been hydrating ourselves, A LOT. Since it's summer and all, we've been making sure we drink a lot of water. I love when my water is ice cold from the fridge and I prefer Poland Springs. My parents were only giving me tap water for weeks and I refused to drink it. Can you believe it took my mama seeing me sneak drinks from her own glass to realize what I've been wanting this whole time?! Now she knows, and it's the best! I still drink out of her glass when she's not looking.

My mama's been doing a lot of paper work for something she calls "grad school". I like to stick right by her, for moral support, of course. I also like to keep a part of my body right on top of her computer so I know if she's moving... I have FOMO (fear of missing out) and I like to stick with my crowd.

Oh, that's during playtime, usually my parents squeeze that time in a couple times a day. I have a love/hate relationship with that feather on a string thing. I like to grab it, and growl... and sometimes I forget I'm a kitten and act like a puppy. It just makes me so angry! I play tug-of-war, it's the best and I swear one day I will rip that thing to shreds!

That's one of my favorite places to be. It's the purr-fect amount of comfort, plus I can see the TV and I love watching TV.



Enjoy your Sunday. 
I'm already busy napping.

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