Twenty-six in 26.

In honor of my upcoming birthday [one month from today] I thought I should take the time to set some goals for me to accomplish in my 26th year of life.

This is not to be confused with my 101 in 1001 which is still on going... but I don't intend to have any overlapping goals. See that? Busy, busy.

So, Erin over at Living in Yellow thought up this goal idea:

And even though the link-up is technically over... it's never too late to add to your life. Amirite?

So here we go:
Twenty-six things I'll do in my 26th year of life.

1. Travel to [at least] two places that are new to both of us. [the husband and myself]

2. Meet my favorite little new man [this may require a trip to CA].
remember his baby shower?
and his mom?

3. Keep the tradition of sending out holiday cards.

4. Finish school and get my masters.

5. Go to Boston and pretend to be tourists.

6. Take a sewing class.

7. Buy a really nice & expensive pair of jeans.

8. Go to a concert (of my choice).

9. Go for a walk in our town.

10. See a movie in the theater downtown. (opposed to where we normally go).

11. Get a new passport with my married name.

12. Make scrapbooks of our first & second year of marriage.

13. Cook our very own Thanksgiving dinner.

14. Convince Sean to allow Apollo to dress up for Halloween.

[she wants too, I swear]

15. Cut back to one soda drink a day. Including fountain drinks [I always tell myself those don't technically count since they're mostly water. Guess what? They count]

16. Figure out an organizational method for the madness that is my clothes closet.

17. Bring our wedding china to our house and actually have something to display in it.

18. Find new lampshades for the living room.

19. Do a complete "keep"/"donate"/"trash" cleaning of all our things.

20. Wake up to watch the sun rise [it doesn't count if I'm driving to work].

21. Buy the Justin Bieber CD. Oh, yeah.

22. Complete 1 DIY project a month and blog about it.

23. Invest in a watch. Preferably this one:


24. Decorate our bedroom walls.

25. See a Broadway show. In NYC. :)

26. Be an awesome wife, every single day.


Yeah, I'm probably most serious about that last one....


  1. Great list...my birthday is also next month...I am afraid of making a list I may want too many things hahha


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