My iPhone software update currently says it'll take 6 hours to finish.

While I wait I'll tell you about our trip to Maine last month. 

We took Apollo because my heart broke at the thought of leaving her behind.

She loved the ride. She was a very good backseat driver and after about 5 minutes of keeping watch, she curled up and fell asleep for the rest of the ride.

It took hours... I think 4 to be exact.

 The trip was filled with nature, outdoor games, indoor board games, cooking, drinking, eating, shopping, walking, beading, talking, laughing, and the coastline.

We also took a boat ride around the lighthouse where we got engaged. :)

It was a beautiful weekend other than a little rain on Saturday.
It also marked my last weekend of summer break before I went back to work.

I'd love a weekend away now :)

Meanwhile my iPhone update still says 6 hours.

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