The time I "ran" a 5k.

I say ran in the loosest of terms.
More like brisk walking. And at times very-distracted-slowly-paced foot steps.

But none the less, a 5K is a 5K. 

Of course, that pesky bib thing got in the way.
I lacked the ability to see the future and ignored all signs of foreshadowing when I safety pinned all four corners of the bib across my zip-up sweatshirt.

Fast forward... oh, about 3 minutes into the race when I realized... wow this is a lot of work... I better take off this sweatshirt so I don't pass out from heat exhaustion or god forbid actually break a sweat.

I'm not the craftiest of people nor can I multitask when one of those tasks is moving my legs, which forced me to completely stop... moving.
Unpin myself, take off my sweatshirt... and then rearrange all of my belongings in my hands because apparently I missed the memo to leave water bottles/iPhones/extra tissues/sunglasses in the car.
Say whaaaat?

So, I look up and what do I see?

Not a thing.
Not one person in sight.
I'm legitimately the LAST person... and I'm standing still.
Good thing I didn't do this thing to... PLACE.

I think a regular person would have thought... hmm I should run and catch up.

Not me. 
I took the time to take some photos with the annoying iPhone that my hands had to grasp the entire time because I don't think it can handle one more fall and obviously VS yoga pants do not have pockets.

I actually took this photo as proof that I was entering the woods. 
Just in case... I didn't make it out. Or something.

And then there was a pumpkin patch. 

And apple orchards, and rough terrain. 
I'm telling ya.
Even if I "trained" for this on the treadmill, it would not have prepared me for running through the woods and on gravel paths -- all in sneakers that I'm beginning to realize don't actually fit me...

But then, something miraculous happened.

I reached the finish line.

Along with my water bottle, iPhone, tissues, and the pesky bib that I was never able to pin back on to myself.

And while it took 49 minutes, I'm calling it an accomplishment.
(by the way, that's 6 minutes faster than my last 5K).

OH, and I wasn't even last!

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  1. HAHA that is some nature 5K! But I bet the scenes were fun to run through..glad you finished with all your belongings in tact!!


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