Woah, what happened to summer?

We've had some major changes in our little family in the past month. Yes, I'm aware it's been a month since the last time I blogged and I have to admit I didn't really think about it...

But I'll try to be back as much as possible though I'm sure you know life sometimes gets in the way.

Let's see:

I'll start with myself: I started my 4th year of teaching. It's busy and draining (in the most positive way, of course) and by the time I get home each night all I want to do is sit still. Literally, I don't even want to move my fingers to type.

I also turned another year older. And celebrated by going to my very first Zumba class. It's intense, guys. Seriously. 

As for the husband: Sean had surgery and was out of commission for way too long. He's doing much better now and I learned that I'm actually a pretty good nurse... who knew?

He also left his band which is a major change to our schedule, our social situations... and well, our way of life. But I know it just means a new door will open somewhere else.

As for the pet: Apollo spent her very first weekend away at a kitty condo. She had a blast in her window view condo and even made some friends. Well not really, she's pretty anti-social...

She also had a mini-birthday and turned 6 months old!

As for general life: we've been going to Ikea a lot (we bought a bed, nightstands, and a futon for our second bedroom), we've successfully paid off one whole credit card, we spent a weekend with family in Maine, I attended a wedding in New Hampshire, we've been with family and friends and each other and we've been planning all the wonderful things we'd like to do during Fall! We have a big list!


  1. You crazy busy woman!! Holy Talito! I love Ikea. It's the store I allllwaayss turn to when I need inspiration. Welcome back! I did miss your cute lil posts. And I hope Sean is feeling tons better. This is your 4th year? Whew!

    PS. You know that "please prove you're not a robot thing? This is my 7TH time doing it! I am doing it right too! Whaddafuuhh?

    Amanda @ weandserendipity.blogspot.com

  2. Change can be good sometimes. Hope Sean is feeling better, we have a very busy fall as well and I hope to find some time for fun too!!


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