It's definitely fall. :) This means Uggs, scarves, a full DVR, and changing leaves!

I've come to the realization, mostly with the help of some family members, that I have not updated this blog for nearly a month. This is not because I don't have anything to share... I'm not boring -- it's because I'm trying not to use the computer so much when Sean's home. There's that level of awkwardness and danger when two people are in the same room and can't talk to one another because they are attached to a device. You know? Of course, you know. However, he's asleep right now... :) 

So here goes:

I spent a girls weekend in the Cape. It was beautiful weather with just a little bit of rain. I brought rain gear so I was prepared. The house was great, plenty of space for everyone to be together as well as have space to themselves. I only saw one pincher bug, and one daddy longleg spider. So I'd call that pretty successful since we were on the Cape. We shopped, ate, and hung out with each other and it was a great weekend. OH, and I also  FINALLY met this little guy.

Sean and I watched his parents house for almost a week. This was a pretty strange experience. I have no idea how all you people with dogs get any sleep when the dogs sleep in bed with you! They definitely rule the bed and only allot you so much space no matter their size. Too funny! We, of course, brought Apollo who was a little apprehensive at the beginning of the trip. By the end of the 6 days, she was bossing around the other animals and found her comfortable spot in bed along side the two dogs. 

Sean and I were happy to be home but Apollo, specifically, was thrilled to be back in her element. :)

Last weekend, we visited Salem and got into the spooky Halloween spirit. While Salem is entertaining there's a part of me that just finds the whole idea of the witch trials and the town so sad. 

Keeping with the Halloween spirit, I bought Apollo her very first tee/costume. It says "trick or treat". I wouldn't say she loves it. But I love her in it and she will definitely wear it on Halloween!

I've been really busy with work, as has Sean, but we've been trying to cook at home as much as possible. Our goal to go grocery shopping each week has kind of failed this past week but before that we were cooking up a storm! Because of this, we (I) thought it would be a FANTASTIC idea to host Thanksgiving this year. :) So our time together has been consumed with making sure we have all the platters, and plates, and silverware, and decorations, and tools to cook and serve a Thanksgiving meal. We've been staring at Corningware sets at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target, and trying to complete our wedding china... we're still missing two sets of flatware. So sad.

We're also working to get our new china cabinet/chest to our house. It's my grandmother's and after a little bit of a prepared speech I convinced her that it would much rather be showcasing our china than sitting in her basement all alone. :) With lots of help, it's refinished and painted... but still remains huge and impossible to transport to our house. So the search for a large vehicle that doesn't require payment per mile driven is preferable. 

In my spare time, I'm still going to Zumba once a week AND I've started Country Line Dancing classes. I know a total of 8 dances so far. It's intense and actually more exhausting than Zumba. I imagine this is because at Zumba I cannot keep up with the teacher and just kind of do my own thing... thus probably not getting as much exercise out of it.

On top of this, I'm obsessed with the presidential race, the release of T. Swift's new album, and the opening of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part 2. I know that one of those is more important than the others but at least I listed it first. :)

Happy Weekend!

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