Since when...

Okay, maybe I'm a little new at this whole "passing out candy on Halloween" thing... but why is Halloween candy so expensive and when did that happen?

We were at the store the other day and thought "let's be proactive and grab some Halloween candy". 

First problem: why is there always one candy in the multi-pack that you don't like? For instance: kit-kats, reese's peanut butter cups, milky ways and almond joys. Almond joys? That won't do because on November 1st I'll be stuck with all those almond joys -- that I'm allergic to.

Second problem: why are 30 pieces of candy $9.50? That seems a little absurd? No?

So basically after loudly proclaiming how ludicrous the cost of candy is, and being very close to that line of "you know, when I was little candy was only..." I left the store, without any candy. 

And now I have nothing for the trick-or-treaters tomorrow.


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