Why I am voting for Barack Obama.

We're less than two weeks away from election day. Current events, politics and the presidential race are so important to both Sean and me, I decided to share my thoughts. I know, it's taboo. But here goes...

I'm a 26 year old, half white/half Puerto Rican woman, born and raised in Massachusetts. I have a college degree and owe a lot of money in student loans. After graduation (May 2009), I got the first teaching job I applied for. My health insurance is 100% paid for. I'm enrolled in graduate school though I can't actually attend classes right now because they're too expensive. I'm newly married, we're living on our own and have no children. 

Sean's had his job for 5 years, and his company is based out of Israel. They provide him with health insurance that is 100% paid for. 

So, for us, this election is not about jobs or health insurance. 

Here's what it is about...

Women's issues and Equal rights: I don't understand how it's 2012 and yet we're still talking about these things as if they were something to argue about? We are all people; working and living and contributing and loving people who are all just trying to get by. So, to think that someone would attempt to reverse time and take certain things away or prevent progress in other areas is frustrating and unacceptable.

Education: As someone trying to complete a grad program but finding it impossible to pay for on top of student loans, paying rent & bills, buying food and gas, keeping my kitten alive with food and vet visits... I'm in need of inexpensive education -- but if anything I'll settle for it not to be raised. It's not practical for everyone to ask their parents to pay for school, and it only improves the country when more people, young and old, are educated. With four more years of Barack Obama in the White House, I believe I will be able to finish school... without him, it's less likely. Second of all, as a teacher, of course education is important to me. While I don't work in public schools and I'm less likely to be laid off because of budget cuts I feel that states should invest in good teachers, weed out the bad ones, and the country should be a leader in math, science and technology fields. We're behind the rest of the world. 

Student loans: I have a lot. So, having my interest rates raised is just not helpful. What was helpful? The Student Loan Consolidation plan helped me -- it lowered my interest rates and allowed me to consolidate to have a few less checks to write each month. And I'd like to enroll in the "pay as you earn" plan in 2014. I need Barack Obama to do this.

Taxes: We're what you'd call super middle-class. We're not broke and starving but we're living pay check to pay check and we occasionally, have to make the choice to pay this bill rather than that bill. But Sean had an increase in his monthly paycheck as soon as Barack Obama took office and the amount we've had to pay in taxes has stayed low for these four years. The American Opportunity Tax Credit helped us when we filed for taxes. I'm all for paying taxes, it's not a choice and it's important. I'll pay what the government sees fit for me to pay. But right now, we couldn't afford to have more money taken away from us each month. But not everybody lives like this. Some people get a head start, some people get lucky. Either way, I believe taxes should be higher (and remain higher) for those people. If I was one of them, I would still feel this way. 

The Future: From the environment being cleaner, to the streets being safer, to the way other countries see us, to our relationships with our allies, to the money invested in science, medicine and space exploration, to the way our wars are ended around the world, to the way we treat people who come here, or are born here, and follow the rules and just want to make a living for their families. These are important issues that I fear will be avoided, misjudged, ignored or treated poorly without Barack Obama as commander in chief. 

So. That's what it's about for us. 

And more than likely it's about something else for you and your family. 

And that's okay. Because after all, this is America.



  1. I actually don't vote. I am kinda like you...my husband and I have jobs and insurance...we are looking to buy our first home (since baby is on the way)...but I don't feel like I need to vote...either way or president/policy.. people like us may not benefit. We aren't poor we aren't rich...we just work hard. haha

  2. And this is why I voted for him too!!


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