5 apps I love.

I didn't upgrade to the iPhone 5 quite yet since my 4s is doing just fine other than a little bump on its' corner from the 2 week stint we had together in which I thought I was careful enough to not keep a case on it. Yep. So sad.

Anyway, we're doing okay without the upgrade and to make up for it I've invested some time into great apps. Here are the ones I'm loving.

1. InstaCC


This is a pretty interesting app. You link it to your instagram account and it finds all your pictures, puts them into a calendar and creates a different type of digital scrapbook for you. It's also fun because it offers you the chance to participate into photo challenges (against yourself if you want) and gives you ideas of what to take pictures of. Not only that, but if you're like me and forget to take pictures (I know, horrible blogger award) you can set a timer that will go off each day at a time of your choosing and it'll remind you to snap away. Pretty neat.

2. Regal Theater


If you see your movies in these theaters, this app is sweet. We use it weekly since that's how often we find ourselves at the movies. This app, coupled with the Regal Crown rewards card is amazing because you get coupons constantly that are sent to the app and the people at Regal just scan your phone. It's been months since we've paid full price at the concession stand and sometimes we even get free movie tickets (in fairness that's more from the rewards card... although the app allows you to easily see how many points you've accumulated and let's you see what coupons you have).

3. Pinterest

This is the app that I scroll through in those awkward situations when everyone else is looking at their phone so I do too? I also look through it when I first wake up in the morning, before I go to sleep and typically when I'm bored any time throughout the day. I have the same obsession with the app as I do with the site on the computer although I like it better because there's not so many images all at once since the screen is that much smaller. It makes looking at the screen much more bearable.

4. Trulia


Since we don't own a home, I love scanning through this app and thinking about what will be... one day. For instance, if you're driving (well, if you're a passenger in a car since it wouldn't really be safe to do while driving..) and you see a house for sale and you think to yourself "hmm, I wonder how much that house is on the market for?"... well, you can just open this app, locate yourself on the map and immediately find the cost of the house AND pictures of the inside. Yeah, it's a little creepy but instant. 

5. The Christmas List 


In the spirit of the holidays, I've recently invested my time into this app that allows you to organize your shopping, set budgets, keep track of purchased gifts, wrapped gifts, shipped gifts... just anything involving gifts. It's very useful if you prefer to be organized on your iPhone rather than inside a notebook.

What are your favorite apps?

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