Black Friday.

Every year I'm so excited about shopping on Black Friday. I'm not actually sure why because I'm not usually looking for latest and greatest toy or electronic item... so there's no reason to camp out for 2 days in line. And, this is Massachusetts... it's pretty cold and those people who do that are a little on the crazy side in my opinion. But I like a good crowd (call me crazy), I don't mind lines, and I like the hustle & bustle of the whole day middle of the night excursion in which I clip far too many coupons that I usually can't use because of all the fine print, listen to people complain and complain about said long lines, hear Christmas music for typically the first time of the season and start my holiday shopping. I can't think of anything better. Honestly.

I'd love to show you what I purchased on Friday (I was out from 4AM-noon and then went back to a different mall at 6PM -- I know, crazy), but since Sean looks at the blog I cannot ruin Christmas for him!

Instead I will show you what I'm asking for :)

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Christmas Wish List


Now back to watching Home Alone. :)

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