Hosting Thanksgiving.

This year Sean and I took are taking on the task of hosting Thanksgiving for both our families. 10 people in all.

Basically it means we've been going from store to store purchasing much needed items for turkey day that we probably won't use until the next time we do this... which means if this year isn't successful they will have been a waste of money.

Through my google searches and surveillance of items in the front of stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Target, etc. here's what I've decided are the necessary items to host Thanksgiving.    

1. carving set
2. cooking twine
3. turkey "grabbers"
4. basting brush (although I think I actually need a baster) & potato masher
5. pie plate
6. all-purpose shaker

I'm still in need of a roasting pan, and a gravy boat.
I still have 3 days.

No worries.

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