It's no surprise.

...That I'm ecstatic about America's decision to re-elect President Barack Obama. After all, it was America that voted him in the first time and it was America that chose him again. :)

Tuesday after work, Sean and I showed up to vote and the line was long! Not crazy long, like in some places but still it was out the door. Can someone tell me why you don't need to show any proof of identification when you vote? Anyone could vote for anyone else, if they knew their name and street name. What the heck is that?

Anyways, I may or may not have taken a picture of the ballot even though Sean told me it was super illegal to do so. I didn't post it for fear that my vote wouldn't count... but I have it as a keepsake.

Not only was I thrilled when he was announced after 11PM, but on a state level I was so happy that Elizabeth Warren will be Massachusetts' new senator. Things just worked out perfectly, in my opinion. Of course, I would have preferred if Obama got a higher percentage as far as his popular vote numbers go... but we'll see. Hopefully with time, people will realize he's not out to get you, to ruin your lives, destroy your children/business/country, and that he really does care. And if not, you'll get a chance to change the path of America in four more years. But for now:



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  1. I would have liked a higher % for him as well but i wasnt surprised. I hope so too :) he has 4 more years to prove so many wrong. I hope he does.


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