Kids say the funniest things.

I spend most of my days with people who are half my size and a good many years younger than me. It's very enjoyable. Especially when conversations like this... happen:

4 year old girl: my daddy's the silliest guy in the whole world. but my mom... (big sigh) she's always so STONED.
me: she's what?
4 year old girl: she's always (big sigh) so stoned (carries out the O for emphasis).
me: hmm, i'm not sure what that means. 
4 year old girl: you know, like always so serious and always telling me what to do.
me: oh, you mean STERN?
4 year old girl: oh yah, that's it.

:) Happy Tuesday!


  1. hahaha HOW FUNNY! THat is so cute though. Stoned? I wonder where she heard that one :)


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