Our weekend.

This weekend we hosted a couples game night. It was very fun and involved lots of junk food, left over halloween candy, pictionary, cranium & apples to apples. 

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon with our parents watching the Patriots game, eating lots of fantastic food and sitting by the firepit.

I spent most of today organizing closets and cabinets, doing laundry, shopping at Target, making a Christmas list, assessing the damage Hurricane Sandy left behind (we have a leak and apparently mold is now growing...), and throwing away things that have been wet for 2 weeks that I didn't know about... yuck.

While doing all this, I switched back and forth between Teen Mom 2 episodes on MTV (the premiere is on tonight... my excitement is pathetic), and watching my very own Twilight marathon in preparation for Breaking Dawn, part 2 out this Friday (yes, I already have my tickets... thanks fandango).

Also, Taylor Swift concert tickets go on sale this week and I'm so excited about that. Not only am I excited to see her and to check off one of my 101 in 1001 goals BUT Ed Sheeran is going on tour with her. Sean and I discovered our love for him on our honeymoon in Ireland when his songs were the only ones they played on the radio there. One of my favorites?


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