The place we store the special dishes.

A while back I begged my grandmother for a hutch that was sitting in her basement with lots of stuff inside of it. After a little convincing she agreed that the hutch would be much better suited in my house. With lots of help and a little chalk paint we made some modifications to the piece of furniture that's been around for quite some time.

[p.s. this paint is pretty amazing - no sanding, priming, or anything else required]

And then...

And then...

And finally:

Our china is Kate Spade [Larabee Dot collection] and I purchased all the plate stands at Michaels. They were a bit expensive $3.99 per stand. I know that if I was patient enough I could have ordered them online for much cheaper... but I couldn't wait any longer and made an impulse buy. Oh well.


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  1. WOW looks great....wonderful color...so alive!


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