Christmas Cookie Exchange

You can find last year's post about our cookie swap here and 2010's here.

This year was just as special. It is quite the tradition and I highly recommend cookie swaps to you and your family and friends.

First, we sent out invitations:

I wrote the poem and we printed/stamped/embossed the invitations so they had a little more sparkle.
The house was decorated, including the chairs.

We had a hot chocolate station and a cheese station. We also had mini grilled cheese sandwiches but I don't have a picture.

When people arrived they wrote their cookie's name on tent cards (which were also stamped and embossed).

And once everyone was present, and mingling, and admiring the cookie displays...

...they were reminded to take 5 of each kind of cookie!

Lastly, they packaged their cookies up with a variety of ribbon, tulle, and ornaments. We also had stickers (stamped and embossed) so people could write their name on their cookie packages that way they didn't get mixed up when they put them down.

And, of course, everyone went home with a recipe book of all the cookies from the party!

Very neat!

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  1. I need a party like this in my life! Seriously feel like I would have gone to cookie heaven!


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