Decorating and wrapping.

A few weeks ago we got our Christmas tree [our first tree being married] from a christmas tree farm near our house. They had a camel. So we had to stop.

It's a bit over 8 feet and Apollo has not really bothered it all, yet. Although, until today only the lights were up.. and few presents were underneath.

We wanted to start our own traditions. One being that we would decorate our tree on Christmas Eve day while watching Elf.

So now, the tree is up, the ornaments are on, the lights are twirled, the presents are waiting and so is she...

our wedding invitation.

our stockings.

So pretty!

I'm slightly nervous that when we get home from my parent's house later tonight the entire tree will be down, the ornaments will be smashed and I'll have a guilty kitten rubbing against me. 

Hopefully that won't happen.

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