It's snowing.

Tonight we spent time at Sean's grandmother's house with family. Almost an extended Christmas celebration if you will. His brother Joe  and his wife Kim are visiting from Seattle so we all got together to exchange gifts and eat lots of food. What's better than that?

It started snowing while we were there. I don't like the snow. As we were driving home the roads looked like this:

Once home (very scary ride, let me tell you), we had to move cars. Our building has some crazy rules about parking when it snows and even though they're not holding up their end of the bargain and our lot looks like this (36 hours after the first snow stopped):

no salt, no sand, no snow plow in sight.
They've threatened to tow our cars if they're parked there between 7AM-9AM. Which means I would have to wake up tomorrow, probably at 6:30AM, to clean off my car and move it for the non-existent snow plows. No thanks.

So we moved them tonight thus avoiding the 6:30AM wake up call.

Here's a picture of our courtyard that is supposed to be shoveled and sanded for emergency purposes:

Looks great, huh?

You don't want to visit us. 
You'll probably fall.

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